Resume Services

Making a resume is a skill that is not taught in school. Most people only update their resume when they are searching for a job. But having an updated resume is actually a signifier of success. I get emails from recruiters all day long, because my resume is up and readily available. 


A bigger hurdle is to make a resume in your non-native language. Our experts have been working with Japanese businesses and foreign job seekers for over a decade--we are familiar with all the styles and variations of Japanese resumes-履歴書 reireikeshisho and the longer 職務経歴書shokumu keirekisho.


Basic Resume

3000 JPY

・Basic Resume Translation service

・Native-checked Japanese Translation

・Showcase your skills and hobbies

・Reach more employers

Resume and CV

5000 JPY

・Resume and Long-form CV

・Native-checked Japanese Translation

・Streamlining and revision advice

・Make your candidacy stand out against competition

Full Service

8000 JPY

・Complete Native-check CV and Resume

・Unlimited revisions and updates for 3 months

・Free resume consulting, and job advice

・Job security with free job recommendations

・English resume revisions with Japanese marketing professionals

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