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Arcade Games Everyone Should Try

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Arcades in Japan are the bee`s knees. We have arcades in Hong Kong too, but they have nothing on Tokyo. For the latest VR and immersion games the Shinjuku VR center offers the chance for dragon ball battles. In Odaiba’s Joypollis you can ride virtual roller-coaster and always have the best seat in the house. But me, I’m oldschool. And Shinjuku’s Taito Center is all I need.

Mario Kart

Since Nintendo 64 we have grown up with the fun of Mario Kart. But Arcade Mario Kart is way better. You get to sit in carts that shake it is almost like really being on the animated track. Plus, there are online modes so even by yourself you can still get the thrill of racing against stronger competitors than AI Peach.


If Mario Kart is not enough immersion for you--check out the Gundam pods, You climb into a little cockpit and battle the world in a mechanized Gundam. Until they open up a real fighting robot pit in Odaiba--this is the next best thing.

Taiko Drums

Sure Japanese Arcades have more Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero inspired games per-capita than probably most small countries. But I do not think it gets much better than Taiko drumming. Not only do they have a updating catalog of pop hits, you get to play them on a giant Japanese-inspired drum!

UFO Catchers

The Japanese term for a claw machine is UFO catcher. But you do not just find generic stuffed toys in them. Japan has UFO catching machines for just about every thing from alarm clocks to action figures. You can even find dashboard cameras and other weird technology. Develop a skill and you can flip that stuff for way more than the 100 yen try.


Gotcha-Gotcha machines are like gumball machines, but instead of stale candy you can get just about anything that fits in a little plastic ball. I am talking, toys, stamps, and for the really weird underwear. You have probably heard about pantie vending machines--now you know the name Gotcha-Gotcha.

Of course if you are classic video game fiend like me and you want to go battle the original Donky Kong one more time-- then I recommend the top floor of Decks department store in Odaiba. You will be playing old school pachinko and Super Mario until the cows come home for 100 yen a pop. Not as expensive as a modern video-game but equally time consuming.

Catch you next time!


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