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12 Coolest Places in Tokyo

Tokyo is one of the best and the most visited cities in the world. As the capital of Japan, it home to many official buildings, the Diet as well as historical buildings, temples, parks, and shopping malls. In Tokyo, you will find plenty of places that you can spend time with friends and families. During my visit to Tokyo, I found many awesome places that everyone should go to at least once!

The Imperial Palace

It goes without saying that the Imperial Palace is probably the most attractive place in Tokyo. In fact, the 15th century palace is practically the symbol of Tokyo. Everyone should pay a visit to this palace if they really want to explore Tokyo. The parks, buildings, and temples are tourist favorites.


If I say that Asakusa is one of the most visited places in Tokyo, it will not be wrong. There are a number of reasons why this place is buzzing. It contains a number of temples, shrines, and even a small amusement park. Moreover, most of the stores here provide services in English which makes it easy for the foreigners to buy products, food and do shopping. You should visit Asakusa at least once in your life.

The National Museum in Ueno

National Museum is the oldest museum in Tokyo. Its location makes is a popular destination for the visitors. Located in the Ueno Park, which is also a hot tourist destination, people go inside this museum to enjoy the traditional items, cultural products and centuries old monuments. I really enjoyed my time here and it was a wonderful experience. You will not realize how quickly time passes while moving inside the museum.

Ueno Park and Zoo

According to the locals, Ueno Park and Zoo is the most popular park in Tokyo. It is a beautiful place with nature around which can keep you comfortable. I learned that Ueno Park has a lot of stuff for the tourists. You will find temples, museums, zoo as well as a beautiful natural park which fascinates everyone. This place should be on your list whenever you go to Japan and particularly Tokyo.


Odaiba maintains a great name in Tokyo for its variety and diversity in fun, entertainment and the opportunities provided to the tourists. It is not only popular among the locals but also famous throughout the world for its beauty. It is known for its lights and a giant Gundam. The place can offer a lot of amazing stuff for spending time with friends and loved ones.

Meiji Shrine

Like many other traditional places, The Meiji Shrine is also a popular destination for the new visitors as well as regular Tokyo-people. Here you will find plenty of things to do and spend time. On the New Year, the shrine attracts tourists throughout the world. Moreover, expensive wedding ceremonies are often held at this shrine which offer another entertainment source to the visitors.

Tokyo Disneyland

I was literally stunned to see how beautiful the Tokyo Disneyland was. It consists of two parts; Disneyland and Disneyland Sea...And rumor has it Tokyo Sky is coming soon. Another great thing is you will find so many amazing replicas of movie sets and props from your childhood. My experience in Tokyo Disneyland was superb. You can also go there and should spend some time whenever you visit Japan.

Sensoji Temple

We have already talked about Asakusa in the previous section. Home to one of the oldest Buddhist temples, the town is special for its beauty, charm and ancient culture. Sensoji Temple is the most significant temple in Tokyo which will keep you in awes its beauty.


So far we have talked about some of the traditional, cultural and others places. Now, it is time for shopping! Ginza is the best place in Tokyo for shopping. The market has hundreds of malls, stores, shops and the most luxurious brands are available there. Prepare to be amazed!

Tokyo Water Bus

When you visit Tokyo, do not miss the Water Bus. This is a wonderful experience for anyone. We do travel by air, train and in cars. But seeing Tokyo on a bus tour is altogether different and exciting way to see the city. You can also get lunch on the boat. This tour will be a lifetime experience. I definitely recommend it.

Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya Crossing is one of the most photographed places in Tokyo. It is not just the best place for taking photos, but you will truly realize what the urban life looks like in a mega-city. Tokyo is considered one of the most crowded cities of the world and there are millions of people. But seeing everyone of them at Shibuya crossing is an experience in itself. While you are there do not forget to see the famous Hachiko stature.

Tsukiji Fish Market

Lastly, there is one more place I suggest you all visit in Japan-- the Tsukiji Fish Market. This is the best place for people who love seafood. Moreover, it is also the ideal location to see people-watching all the tourists who come from around the world. However, if you came to Tokyo for the best sushi, there can be no better place than Tsukiji. The freshest fish and other foods are available here. For food lovers, it will be an awesome experience.

There are tons of places worth visiting in Tokyo. The city has a rich culture, diversity in people and abundant history, but those 12 are my go-to picks. Tokyo is also one of the most populous cities in the world and a lot of people visit the city every year. Be sure to check it out! Until next time, happy travels!


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